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Time to TERMINATE the Military Industrial Complex

> Time to TERMINATE the Military Industrial Complex
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> July 19th, jewish year 5776, christian year 2016, muslim year 1437
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> Letter to the Editor:
> Its time to terminate the global military industrial complex.
> Weapons and warfare are obselete. With nuclear, chemical, biological, scalar
> and electromagnetic laser and emp weapons now in existence, war can
> never be fought without there being major irrepairable and long lasting destruction, disruption
and damage upon civilization and the planet.
> The United States of America is the #1 terrorist nation on earth.
> With 1000 military bases
> worldwide and a 1.5 trillion dollar military budget, the USA has
> turned into a murderous,
> tyrannical, genocidal, ‘out of control’ global fascist police state, a
> literal nazi 4th Reich
> reigning continual death and destruction upon the world’s
> peoples and nations.
> In order to perpetrate war, chaos and conflict and procure continued
> corporate profits for the
> US global war machine, the USA, in collusion with the racist jewish
> state of israel and the international jewish rothschild banking
> cartel, fund radical religious groups such as ISIS in the middle
> east. The sole intent for funding these types of groups is to demonize Islam
> and bring in fascist police state countermeasures which destroy
> freedoms and civil liberties in nations across the globe. If allowed
> to continue, this conflict
> between the international jewish bankers and worldwide islam- with the
> so-called christian west in the middle- will inevitably escalate into
> the use of thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction upon population
> centers, particularly in the United States, seen rightly as the source
> of all evil on earth.
> If the US Pentagon, the National Security Agency (NSA), the Dept of
> Homeland Security, the US Defense Dept,
> US corporate defense contractors and the whole slew of national
> security obsessed alphabet soup agencies within the US government are
> not permanently SHUT DOWN, criminalized, restructured and re-oriented
> towards the pursuit of peaceful purposes, then the peoples and nations
> of the world, in order to secure their survival and their future, have
> the RIGHT and the OBLIGATION to terminate this global fascist military
> police state cancer by any and all means necessary, and this they WILL
> do without remorse. This is the path of total destruction of life on
> earth, and is the one we are now treading, unfortunately.
> There is another path, however. It is the path of survival and
> continuity for the human species. Instead of procuring war,
> retribution, enslavement, destruction and death upon one another, we
> need to learn to create and fund ideologies and institutions that put
> an end to the needless and useless suffering and deaths of at least 40
> million innocent men, women and children on earth every year from
> hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition (that’s 6 jewish
> holocausts annually). This can easily be accomplished by terminating
> the global military industrial complex and re-prioritizing funds,
> talent, intellectual pursuit, technology and institutional
> infrastructure towards preserving and protecting the sanctity,
> sacredness and security of all life on earth.
> Today, the human species stands at an evolutionary crossroads: global
> suicide or advanced civilization. We’ve already lost 50% of all life
> on earth and we are continuing to metastasize into a militarized
> global fascist spy and surveillance police state. If we turn from the
> brink now, we have a chance of preserving and protecting the 50% of
> life we still have left on the planet.

In a mature advanced
> civilization, war is outlawed and mass human suffering and death is
> alleviated. Food, housing, clothing, energy, transportation and
> education are provided free for all who need them. With all material
> necessities provided for, crime, conflict, weapons and warfare cease
> to exist. Its a fairly simple transition. Dismantle, restructure,
> re-orient and terminate all things military police state and build up,
fund and support all things social, environmental and life affirming.
> This is a consciousness shift from adolescence to species maturity.
> It is an evolution of intelligence from the ways of global suicide
> towards that of an advanced civilization. It is an end to all war and
> conflict and the securing of long sought peace and continuity for the
> human species.
> Simply put, the global military industrial intelligence security
> complex will be terminated peacefully through conversion towards
> peaceful purposes, or it will be completely annihilated, vaporized and turned into
> ashes if allowed to continue. The evolutionary trajectory for this scenario is crystal
> clear. As martin luther king once said, “The choice is not between
> violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence”.
> The choice is OURS.
> Inshallah,
> Steve Jones
> Colorado Springs, Colorado USA



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