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Letter to the Editor: june 23 2016

“Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment”- Nikola Tesla

Its time to TERMINATE the fascist American police state. We need to completely cut off ALL
funding for police, prisons, security and military and bring a final end to the sprawling ‘out of control’
military-industrial-intelligence-security complex in this country.

The Dept of Homeland Security, the TSA, the Pentagon, the Dept of Defense, the NSA and the whole
slew of national security obsessed government agencies and corporate defense contractors, need to be
completely criminalized, gutted, shut down and converted to peaceful purposes immediately.

War is obselete. War can never be fought, both domestically via a civil war in America or
internationally via nuclear or electromagnetic weapons against another country.
There are NO terrorists, nor is there any legitimate reason whatsoever to continue to waste trillions
of dollars (as well as yen, euros, rubles and yuan) on continued warfare, weapons, surveillance
systems, prisons and black clad, jack booted police state thugs whose only function is to terrorize
whole peoples and societies across the globe.

The REAL threats to our national and international security are ENVIRONMENTAL. Global
Climate Change and the radiation releases from the nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear
power plants in Japan since 2011, are killing our nation and the prospects for our childrens future.
Instead of expanded Homeland Security police state stations, we need highly advanced
environmental centers established in every town, community and city across this nation. Instead
of churning out a glut of cops, TSA agents and militarized Homeland Security apparachiks, we
need to start churning out fully educated, fully capable and fully paid national environmentalists
to help educate, facilitate and transit our nation onto a green, sustainable development path.

Solving global climate change, developing non-polluting renewable free energy systems, mitigating
upcoming food and water shortages, standardizing organic agriculture practices, shifting into an electrified solar powered transportation economy and transforming our towns, communities and cities into green,
sustainable, healthy and advanced life affirming habitats will NOT be accomplished using weapons, warfare
and an oppressive national police state infrastructure.

The transition to a sustainable, green America will be facilitated by educated, upright, informed,
enlightened, mature and intelligent adults and institutions, where non-violence, cooperation and environmental stewardship values become the foundation through which a new sustainable, green developmental path comes into formation.

We need to develop the skills, vision, institutional infrastructure and scientific and spiritual talent necessary for us to manage both a nation and a planet that is thoroughly overpopulated and one which is quickly destroying its environmental resource base. We need non-polluting free energy systems (solar, wind, anti-gravity and zero-point energy), national and international sustainable development models that preserve and protect the natural environment and conflict resolution skills between peoples and nations without resorting to the use of violence. The era of gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s is over. Rich, arrogant, decadent, wasteful lifestyles must now become a thing of the past. Meat eating and the wholesale slaughter of animals must, and will, come to a complete and utter end.

The future is green, sustainable and environmental, it is NOT police state, military, weapons and warfare.
Let us build a nation and a world that can survive the future. Only a green world order can save mankind.
A militarized global fascist police state will inevitably end our species if it is not immediately terminated and permanently put out of business.

Its time to take down the American flag and raise up an Earth Flag over America.

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
North Shore, Oahu
US State of Hawaii

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