Letter to the Editor:                                                          April 14 2016

The human race is in serious trouble.  We are destroying the life support systems of the planet that allow us to live, flourish and prosper.  Unless and until we develop the political will and institutional infrastructure to manage our planet, we will most likely perish as a species.

   The International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel (the global elite) want to depopulate and destroy life in order to save themselves from the mess that they have created on Earth.  That means BILLIONS of human beings will die if the policies of the Cartel are not re-directed into preserving and protecting the life we are already losing.

   Today, the majority of humankind live in chronic desperation.  Lack of food, housing, clothing, sanitation, clean water and basic subsistence plunges the collective human enterprise into a wholesale slaughter of our environmental resource base just to be able to makes ends meet.  Because we as a species have not developed the mechanisms for sustainably managing our planet, the plunder will continue until we learn to take responsibility for our lives and for our future as mature adults.

   In the 2nd decade of the 21st century, we have a sprawling “out of control” military-industrial-intelligence-security complex completely devoid of legitimacy.  Here is the USA, we don’t need a Dept of Homeland Security or a TSA invading our privacy and our dignity at our airports, we need a Dept of Earth Security and the complete dismantling of all war, defense, intelligence and security industries and operations worldwide.  War is obselete.  It has been since the 1st nuclear explosion at the Trinity site in New Mexico in 1945.  The only “terrorists” out there in our world are those who run the world’s military, security, defense and intelligence establishments.

   The world’s population today stands at 7.5 billion.  If projected trends continue, we will have between 9-10 billion people on planet Earth by 2050.  This is 4 times the carrying capacity of the earth’s ability to sustain a population of what should only be between 2-3 billion living green, non-polluting, environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  We don’t have another 3 planets to draw resources, sustenance and space from, unfortunately.

   Both Global Climate Change and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown radiation releases in Japan are wreaking havoc on our world and are threatening our very future as a species.  Both of these global environmental disasters would not have happened at all if we had collectively abandoned the antiquated hydrocarbon economy 45 years ago and instead embraced free energy systems such as solar, wind, anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  Every single one of the world’s more than 450 nuclear power plants need to be shut down immediately- there is no need for them, nor for another Fukushima if the grid goes down from a deliberate or natural EMP strike.

   An urgent call now goes forth to the world’s leaders and masses to save what’s left of our planet.  Business as usual is over.  All finances, genius, scientific, intellectual and spiritual talent and pursuit now needs to be put immediately into the preservation and survival of our species and the biosphere.  We must collectively create and maintain a global sustainable development path for human productivity and prosperity, and we must do it now.

   War must be declared illegal and obselete.  Population control must be enforced in every nation on Earth (to 1 child per family) to help winnow down the world’s population to manageable levels over time.  We must shift to a free, renewable energy economy and abandon all energy systems that pollute and destroy our biosphere and threaten the survival of future generations.

   Planet management for planet Earth is truly the call of the times.  We have the information, the intelligence, the technology and the resources available now to enable the human species to survive the 21st century.

   So, what are we waiting for?


Steve Jones, Global Environmentalist, Colorado High Rockies, USA

HOME documentary: https://youtu.be/jqxENMKaeCU



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