April 1 2016

 To the Editor:

 The sedona airport needs to be SHUT DOWN.
 There are too many planes and helicopters flying around the sedona red
 rock country.
 The planes and helicopters are noisy, a complete eyesore and are
 mucking up our beautiful sedona scenery.
 There are so many helicopters flying about filled with rich, arrogant,
 fat tourists, it feels like
 we’re in vietnam. This has GOT TO STOP NOW!

 Instead of wisking around decadent tourists and wasting gasoline and
 helicopter use, lets begin to BUILD
 a local green, sustainable economy based on getting our residents OFF
 THE GRID energy wise by installing solar
 photovoltaic panels on every household in sedona. Lets BUILD a local
 organic food economy that is not dependent
 on price gouging and unhealthy corporate food outlets. Locally run
 greenhouses can provide ALL of sedona’s
 food needs if it is planned intelligently. If we plant fruit and nut
 trees throughout town, we can produce a free foraging economy to our
 residents for
 generations to come.

 Finialy, its time to END all car and truck use in the town of sedona.
 We need REMOVE the cars and trucks that are currently
 clogging up main st by building large parking lots at each end of town
 and a 4-5 mile walkway with bike paths, water fountains, flower beds
 and small electric
 vehicle and frequent electric transit routes. Store stocking can be
 done with parallel street access in the early mornings from
 midnight to 6am. We can turn our local tourist industry into
 something we can all be proud of by protecting
 our local environment and enhancing our experience here devoid of all
 the chaos, intrusion, madness and pollution that currently
 exists due to the internal combustion engine.

 Its time to EVOLVE into the 21st century.

 Steve Jones
 Global Enviromentalist
 Sedona AZ

 Saving the Planet:



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