July 27, 2016


“Its just a sign of the times… going forward in reverse”


Denver, Colorado has been designated as the central command/capital of the North American Union (NAU).  Canada, the United States and Mexico will be unified into one North American Union State with Denver operating as the central capital for all 3 nations.

Orange and Blue are the official colors for this new union mega state.  In fact, i would postulate that a new North American Union (NAU) flag will be blue and orange.  Blue and orange are also the official colors of the Denver Broncos football team, based in Denver, Colorado.

It is a know fact that ALL US intelligence agencies on record have set up alternate offices in Denver over the years.  Denver, Colorado is both geographically centered on the North American continent and is a strategic asset logistically for being the central capital of the NAU.  The Colorado Front Range also houses NORTH COM in Colorado Springs- the designated military command center for the new NAU megastate.

Colorado is filled with US military and has a sprawling prison industrial complex, based primarily in Canon City and Florence, Colorado- near the US Air Force Academy, NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain and the US Space Command in Colorado Springs.

Denver, Colorado also has an underground presidential command center located underground/beneath the Denver International Airport (DIA).  This is a Continuity of Government (COG) facility, built primarily in response to a projected nuclear attack on Washington, DC and New York City in the future- which is expected to transpire during an economic collapse and/or global war fought on behalf of the global military industrial intelligence security complex.


Even now, a new paper currency has already been printed up to replace the US Dollar (along with the Mexican peso and the Canadian dollar).  Its called the Amero, and it will be used to transit the NAU into a digitial cashless monetary system once the political, economic and social integration of the North American Union has run its course.


Up in the Rocky Mountains, in Summit County, Colorado, there are numerous intrusive spy and surveillance cameras that have been installed everywhere these past 2-3 years.  These cameras have been mounted on street intersections, put in our public libraries, in our public bus system (along with audio microphones), in our recreation centers (including the private bathrooms), in our schools, in practically all businesses, including banks and supermarkets, on our public bike paths and on our major roadways.   This Penopticon is highly intrusive and resembles Big Brother of Orwellian 1984 fame.  It is the worst county i have ever been in with regards to the level of fascist police state surveillance and control it has within its borders.

On Dillion Lake, in Summit County, a militarized police state checkpoint, complete with security guards and cameras, has been set up as a chokepoint between the towns of frisco and dillon.  This road has been shut down for dubious national security reasons numerous times over the past years.  It is operated by Denver Water, a New World Order police state organization, based in Denver, Colorado.

Welcome the the new North American Union 4th reich!!!


Raj Patel

Brooklyn New York




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