May 22, 2013

TO: Bill McKibben and National

Ok, folks.
Time to lay it on the line.
To put it mildly, I’m the BEST thing you’ve got going.

The battle to fight and win (or lose) the fight against Global Climate Change will be decided (I predict within the next 2 weeks) by how you interface with me in this impasse we are currently having between us.

You will re-instate me as manager and main contact for both of these 350 groups i am trying to establish here in the USA:

1. santacruz350(dot)tk
2. summitcounty350(dot)tk

AND, you will take the IMMEDIATE Divestment from Fossil Fuels Campaign i have formulated to the Nation and to the World:
(particularily to the state of California where this global green revolution can begin)

I think it is absolutely INSANE NOT to support such an IMMEDIATE DIVESTMENT agenda recognizing the absolute EMERGENCY we are in with regards to the global climate change threat.

AND, i want the authority to “route” the fossil fuel funded police state ‘agent provacatuers’ that have infiltrated and largely taken over the Santa Cruz 350 group.

I will give you till June 8, 2013 to come clean with me.

You fail, and the trajectory for total climate collapse and resulting disasters pertaining therein will be “locked in” for the remaining time we have left on this planet. This will be the “tipping point” of NO RETURN.

Like it or not, I AM the messenger of the Covenent and the representative of the Creator of Heaven and Earth for this time on this planet.
The future of the global cliamte change threat and the future of this planet WILL be determined by the actions you take with me during our current impasse.
Its just the way it is folks, take it or leave it…

Failure to communicate with me by June 8 will be determined as a default decision by national to continue to “ban” me from the national/international 350 work that I AM trying to establish here on this planet at this time.


Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Global Environmentalist and Prophet
Colorado USA
***Prophet’s Linx:

=> prophetslinx(dot)tk


CC: select national/international groups and organizations


On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 1:37 PM, The Team wrote:

Dear Steve,

It’s come to our attention that you have been contacting various people on our staff about the reasons for your removal from the 350 Santa Cruz group administration.

To clarify: We removed your management access on’s web properties after a series of reports about alarming and negative behavior on your part while using’s name to represent your actions. These reports came from multiple quarters, both internal and external to the Santa Cruz group. While we understand that internal group conflicts do happen, it does not seem like this is a case of benign disagreements or infighting, as you claim.

Again, we thank you for your energy and dedication, but our decision on this matter is final. Please desist from contacting our staff members in relation to this decision.


The Team


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