Santa Cruz City Council:

Do NOT add another 8 cops to the police force in santa cruz- there are ALREADY too many cops in Santa Cruz.
You need to HALVE the number of police officers in this town. The city is turning into a police state.
GET RIDE of the cops on the levy, get rid of the cops on the mall and get RID of the city parks and rec
officers who are STEALING homeless people possessions and hassling homeless people (the poorest of the poor in our city).
STOP this insanity NOW.

The city needs to FIX its DAMN roads. You have frontage road washouts that have been down for over 2 years and
are in desperate need of being fixed. Spend what little finances you have on road construction, NOT more cops!

And GET RID of the little communist clad “greeters” you have on the downtown mall- this is outrageous!
What a waste of money! LEAVE people alone, STOP terrorizing our town!!!

Naru Sharu
Santa Cruz

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Part 2:—Part-2-%28Full-Version%29


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