Hello everyone-

I have have found the ULTIMATE diet: Fruits and Nuts.
No need to eat meat anymore, its time to evolve and take the next evolutionary step up.
Meat-eating is DESTROYING the planet and is responsible for a low
level of consciousness that translates into gas-guzzling SUV’s, violent behavior,
police state spy and surveillance cameras and the inability
of our species to collectively Save Our Planet from the Earth Apocalypse we are descending into.

We are literally spinning ‘out of control’ as a civilization. Things are insane.
You ALL know it. World population is too high, there are just too many people everywhere
creating too many problems. The world needs to STOP. Its time for a MAJOR correction.

Change your diet to fruits and nuts and you will be able to cope with the panoply
of chaos that is descending upon our Earth. Its time to get a grip and learn to
lighten your body and your spirit for the intense times that are quickly coming upon us as a species.

All efforts should now be directed into planting fruit and nut trees where they will grow in abundance.
No need for food scarcity anywhere, its time for FREE food abundance everywhere!

Here is a book which everyone should read: The Natural Food of Man: Being an Attempt to Prove That the Original, Best, and Natural Diet of Man Is Fruits and Nuts, by Hereward Carrington

I wish you all love, light and evolution for your journey home.

Li Peng
Aptos, Calif.

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