California Community Colleges Plunge World Into the “Mark of the Beast” System
Isle of Patmos, Greece
Oct 29, 2012

Well, its now official. California Community Colleges have now plunged the world into
the dreaded “mark of the beast” global economic control system. Beginning with Cabrillo College in Aptos, California
and culminating at the College of the Siskiyous in Mt Shasta, California, the California Community College system
has initiated an illegal, privacy violating, homeland security ordained spy and surveillance control grid designed
to monitor, track and record student’s online internet activity.

Complete with username/password protocols, electronic barcoding of identity and computer use and
numerous surveillance cameras spying on student’s internet use, a system has now been initiated that
institutionally links human identity to the internet.
This is the beginning of the “Mark of the Beast”- see Revelations 13, New Testament, Holy Bible.
The “Mark of the Beast” is DESIGNED to damn men’s souls, because it signifies total submission to the State
and to the current “god” of this world: Lucifer.
For all those who built, proliferated and now run this illegal, privacy violating system of human control and
surveillance, you WILL take the “mark” when it comes out, for you won’t be able to buy nor sell without it.

For ALL those who have opted-in to this system (builders and users alike) as well as those who willingly participate in it, your souls will be DAMNED
forever in Hell-Fire at the Judgement- this is absolutely decreed in Holy Scripture.
2012 was the pivotal year that gave human civilization the choice between transformation (into a global green world order) or annihilation
(into a global fascist police state). The choice for annihilation, heralded by a global economic control system known as the
“Mark of the Beast”, has now been officially made. The human species is now on the road to ruin for which there is now
no turning back.

The California Community College system, with its flagrant violations of student’s privacy and dignity rights, will bear primary responsibility
(along with the US Dept of Homeland Security) for this historical descent into the black hole of death and destruction that will predictably
ensue and whose “event horizon” and planetary shift we are now crossing over in the year 2012.

Jonas the Prophet
Computer Science Major
California Community Colleges
Isle of Patmos, Greece


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