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California Community Colleges Plunge World Into the “Mark of the Beast” System

California Community Colleges Plunge World Into the “Mark of the Beast” System
Isle of Patmos, Greece
Oct 29, 2012

Well, its now official. California Community Colleges have now plunged the world into
the dreaded “mark of the beast” global economic control system. Beginning with Cabrillo College in Aptos, California
and culminating at the College of the Siskiyous in Mt Shasta, California, the California Community College system
has initiated an illegal, privacy violating, homeland security ordained spy and surveillance control grid designed
to monitor, track and record student’s online internet activity.

Complete with username/password protocols, electronic barcoding of identity and computer use and
numerous surveillance cameras spying on student’s internet use, a system has now been initiated that
institutionally links human identity to the internet.
This is the beginning of the “Mark of the Beast”- see Revelations 13, New Testament, Holy Bible.
The “Mark of the Beast” is DESIGNED to damn men’s souls, because it signifies total submission to the State
and to the current “god” of this world: Lucifer.
For all those who built, proliferated and now run this illegal, privacy violating system of human control and
surveillance, you WILL take the “mark” when it comes out, for you won’t be able to buy nor sell without it.

For ALL those who have opted-in to this system (builders and users alike) as well as those who willingly participate in it, your souls will be DAMNED
forever in Hell-Fire at the Judgement- this is absolutely decreed in Holy Scripture.
2012 was the pivotal year that gave human civilization the choice between transformation (into a global green world order) or annihilation
(into a global fascist police state). The choice for annihilation, heralded by a global economic control system known as the
“Mark of the Beast”, has now been officially made. The human species is now on the road to ruin for which there is now
no turning back.

The California Community College system, with its flagrant violations of student’s privacy and dignity rights, will bear primary responsibility
(along with the US Dept of Homeland Security) for this historical descent into the black hole of death and destruction that will predictably
ensue and whose “event horizon” and planetary shift we are now crossing over in the year 2012.

Jonas the Prophet
Computer Science Major
California Community Colleges
Isle of Patmos, Greece


US Supreme Court: Prosecute the TSA

US Supreme Court
Washington, DC

Oct 10th, 2012


I demand that the US Supreme Court indict the US Dept of Homeland Security and its Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for willful and malicious violations of citizens 4th amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. I want every single member of the TSA arrested, prosecuted and JAILED for their CRIMES. The TSA is an ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL institution and has absolutely NO PLACE within the continental borders of the United States of America.

Steve Jones
United States of America

Who Owns The Media 2012?

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The US Government Today Has More Data On The Average American Than The Stasi Did On East Germans

The US Government Today Has More Data On The Average American Than The Stasi Did On East Germans
from the surveillance-society dept

We’ve written plenty about how the US government has been quite aggressive in spying on Americans. It has been helped along by a court system that doesn’t seem particularly concerned about the 4th Amendment and by the growing ability of private companies to have our data and to then share it with the government at will. Either way, in a radio interview, Wall Street Journal reporter Julia Angwin (who’s been one of the best at covering the surveillance state in the US) made a simple observation that puts much of this into context: the US surveillance regime has more data on the average American than the Stasi ever did on East Germans. And, of course, as we’ve already seen, much of that data seems to be collected illegally with little oversight… and with absolutely no security benefit.

To be fair, part of the reason for why this is happening is purely technical/practical. While the Stasi likely wanted more info and would have loved to have been able to tap into a digitally connected world like we have today, that just wasn’t possible. The fact that we have so much data about us in connected computers makes it an entirely different world. So, from a practical level, there’s a big difference.

That said, it still should be terrifying. Even if there are legitimate technical reasons for why the government has so much more data on us, it doesn’t change the simple fact (true both then and now) that such data is wide open to abuse, which inevitably happens. The ability of government officials to abuse access to information about you for questionable purposes is something that we should all be worried about. Even those who sometimes have the best of intentions seem to fall prey to the temptation to use such access in ways that strip away civil liberties and basic expectations of privacy. Unfortunately, the courts seem to have very little recognition of the scope of the issue, and there’s almost no incentive for Congress (and certainly the executive branch) to do anything at all to fix this.

Global Debt Over $200 Trillion, Gold Demand Surges

Egon von Greyerz continues:

“Right now the US deficit is running at roughly $1.5 trillion per year. So in total, the US is already printing $200 billion each month, and that will of course increase. The US debt is up $10 trillion in ten years. As revenues decline and expenditures increase, the pressures on the US economy will be enormous, and the deficit will increase substantially.

In a couple of years time, we will have $20 trillion, at least, of US debt….

Continue reading the Egon von Greyerz interview below…

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“$20 trillion of US debt, think about that for a moment. US tax revenue is now around $2.3 trillion. If you examine $20 trillion of debt, and factor in a dramatic increase in interest rates in coming years, as money is printed and inflation enters the picture, an interest rate of 12% is very likely.

Take 12% of $20 trillion and you get $2.4 trillion per year just in interest. That figure is more than the current tax revenue of $2.3 trillion. So the US will reach a point, in the not too distant future, where the total debt servicing will be equal to the total tax revenue. That is of course unsustainable.

If you look at global debt, in the last ten years it is up from $80 trillion, to $200 trillion. These are figures which are hard to comprehend. Global debt has increased $120 trillion in just ten years. So when you look at the so-called prosperity of the world, it is all based on debt. So it is all an illusion.

Central bank balance sheets are also exploding. They have increased 16%, compounded, per annum. What are the central banks doing? Just like the Fed, they are buying toxic debt which has zero value. What are they doing to buy that? They are printing worthless pieces of paper, they call it ‘money,’ and with that ‘money’ they are buying another worthless piece of paper which they call an ‘asset.’

So it is the most massive Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen, and this will clearly end in total disaster. It will end with the implosion of debt and the implosion of assets. But before that, we will have hyperinflation. As governments continue to print, we will have hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation comes from a collapsing currency. Take Iran, that is a good example. Iran’s currency is now down 70%, and inflation is now estimated to be running at 50% per month. This is what we will see all over the Western world in coming years. I’m absolutely certain about that.”

Greyerz had this to say regarding gold: “So we are holding gold to preserve wealth because gold is the ultimate way of protecting your assets from total destruction as a result of the money printing. Because the financial system is bankrupt and governments are bankrupt, any asset that you hold within that system is at risk.

This is why you have to have physical gold and you must store it outside of the banking system. Eric Sprott came out with a superb report detailing the official figures we are seeing regarding production and purchases of gold. His conclusion, quite correctly, was that they are not telling the truth in those official reports being published.

He (Sprott) is looking at an annual deficit of 2,500 to 2,600 tons of gold. I have talked about this many times, and Eric puts it superbly in his report, that the 30,000 tons which central banks are holding in gold reserves, with the Western central banks holding about 23,000 tons of that gold, are probably not there.

When that becomes apparent, there will be panic in the gold market because nobody will hold paper gold anymore. It means that Western governments do not have adequate amounts of gold to back their money.”

Greyerz also added: “I would also note, Eric, that some of the refiners we are talking to, they are seeing business strongly increasing now, and in this environment they are actually increasing their margins and prices. So there is clearly an increase in short-term demand. This is why, up to now, the paper shorts in the gold market have been struggling to bring the price down.”

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The interviews with John Embry, Gerald Celente, Rick Santelli, Michael Pento and Don Coxe are available now. Also, be sure to listen to last week’s line-up of other KWN interviews which included, Pierre Lassonde, Rick Rule, Nigel Farage, Ben Davies, Dr. Keith Barron and Jean-Marie Eveillard by CLICKING HERE.

Eric King

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Greyerz: Global Debt Over $200 Trillion, Gold Demand Surges

Today Egon von Greyerz spoke with King World News about the, “… most massive Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen.” He also stated, “… this will clearly end in total disaster.” Greyerz, who is founder and managing partner at Matterhorn Asset Management, also warned about a developing situation which, when it becomes apparent, will create, “… panic in the gold market because nobody will hold paper gold anymore.”

Here is what Greyerz had to say: “US deficits are set to continue to rise, no matter who wins the election. This means a great deal more money printing. Right now the US has $40 billion per month of QE in the form of buying mortgage-backed securities, and with ‘Twist’ another $45 billion. But you have to also add the $145 billion monthly budget deficit.”
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Breast Cancer Survivors Slam TSA Over “Humiliating” Pat Downs

Breast Cancer Survivors Slam TSA Over “Humiliating” Pat Downs

In case after case, agency is subjecting cancer survivors to horrific public embarrassment

Steve Watson
Oct 9, 2012

Breast cancer survivor Marcia Deitrick has described a recent experience at the hands of the TSA as “humiliating”, and has called for screeners to be properly trained to accommodate millions of others like her.

Deitrick, who underwent bilateral mastectomies in 2007, told reporters that screeners at Kansas City International Airport took issue with her body scars after she passed through a body scanner.

One screener radioed a superior to report “an anomaly,” before asking Deitrick, who has silicone breast implants and 20 inches of scar tissue from chemotherapy, if she was wearing something on her chest.

“Then she ran the backs of her hands around my breasts in full view of everybody,” Deitrick told KCTV 5 news in an interview. “She was nice, she was polite. But she didn’t ask me if I wanted a private screening.”

“I actually stood there thinking these people probably think I’m doing something wrong, that either there’s something wrong with my body or I’ve done something wrong,” Deitrick said.

“I do not want somebody touching me,” Deitrick added, noting that the TSA conducting pat downs on people who have endured such procedures “adds insult to injury”.


“I was just so shocked that I was numb and as the days went by, I got angry. I thought, ‘I don’t want this to happen to me again, and I don’t want it to happen to another woman either.’” Deitrick said in another interview with ABC News 10.

“I don’t think that the TSA agents across the country are being uniformly and properly trained to be able to know what to look at and what to look for and what to expect when a breast cancer survivor comes through a body scanner,” Deitrick said.

“I’m not an anomaly. I’m the reality of breast cancer just like those other 2.9 million women are, and I think that we deserve better when we go through airport screening. We deserve to have TSA screeners who know what they’re looking at,” she said.

The TSA released a general statement in response to the case, but did not comment on whether screeners will be trained to accommodate those who have had life saving surgeries.

Deitrick is not the first cancer survivor to be humiliated at the hands of the TSA, and will certainly not be the last.

In direct response to Deitrick’s case, more survivors have come forward with TSA horror stories:

After enduring “several inconsistent and insensitive airport security checks,” breast cancer survivor Electra Paskett created a survivor’s medical ID card that could be shown to TSA screeners. Paskett said she felt her privacy and dignity were violated almost every time she encountered the TSA, and did not want others to undergo the same experience.

Despite the TSA’s insistence that it works with breast cancer organizations and encourages such awareness projects, survivor Lori Dorn reported her own TSA experience at New York’s JFK airport, where a TSA agent refused to look at her medical ID card:

“I told her that I was not comfortable with having my breasts touched and that I had a card in my wallet that explains the type of expanders, serial numbers and my doctor’s information and asked to retrieve it. This request was denied. Instead, she called over a female supervisor who told me the exam had to take place. I was again told that I could not retrieve the card and needed to submit to a physical exam in order to be cleared. She then said, “And if we don’t clear you, you don’t fly” loud enough for other passengers to hear. And they did. And they stared at the bald woman being yelled at by a TSA Supervisor.”

“At what point does the need for security eclipse human dignity and compassion?” asked Dorn on her blog.

In another case reported earlier this year, Cindy Gates, a cancer survivor who had a mastectomy two and a half years ago, was interrogated at Sky Harbor Airport and forced to remove her prosthetic breast in public.

“I told them when I went through the scanner that it would show up differently,” Gates said. The agent wanted to do a pat down but I asked for a private screening and she said ‘no.’ She then started feeling my breast.”

In yet another case, a Charlotte-area flight attendant was forced by a TSA agent to show her prosthetic breast during a pat-down in late 2010.

“The only reason I’m bringing this up,” Cathy Bossi told the media at the time, “is that I do believe the government is getting too intrusive with our bodies. I do believe in security. I honest to God believe in security. But I do believe it has gone too far.”

Breast cancer survivor Nancy Stordahl reported on her blog earlier this year that TSA agents seem to have little, if any, understanding of what to expect when they encounter survivors.

“…it seems like there should be more consistency in what’s allowed and what isn’t. It seems like TSA workers should be better trained to recognize such things as lymphedema sleeves. It seems as if a little more sensitivity should be part of their job training.” Stordahl wrote following uncomfortable experiences of her own.

Such people with so called “anomolies” have long been targetd by the TSA. When ProPublica’s Michael Grabell filed a Freedom of Information Act request back in 2008, which asked the agency to reveal details of passenger complaints, he found a cancer survivor had complained that a screener had asked her to remove her prosthetic breast to be swabbed for explosives. Grabell’s findings were not published until earlier this year because it took the TSA 4 years to respond to the FOIA request.

Breast Cancer survivors represent just a fraction of the people who have injuries or disabilities, yet have been mistreated by the TSA.

Of course, what else should we expect from an agency that demonstrateably and admittedly uses pat-downs as forms of punishment?

Infowars is launching the national Opt Out and Film Week during Thanksgiving, November 19-26. Click here for more details or click here for the campaign’s Facebook page.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.
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Privacy Violations at College of the Siskiyous Library and Learning Resources Center

2 Oct 2012


College of the Siskiyous
Re: Internet Access


It has come to my attention of late that there are massive privacy violations occurring at COS with
regards to internet access and use. In order to use the internet at the COS library, for example, one must
give up one’s identity and be appointed to a designated computer terminal- all via a computer barcode
scan of one’s library card. This is a gross violation of our 4th amendment right to personal privacy
(see the 4th Amendment: and a constitutional
right that as a student, and as an American citizen, i am NOT willing to give up. Because i am NOT
willing to acquiesce to violations of my civil liberties, i am being illegally censored from using the internet
as the COS library. Further, this is an additional violation of my 1st Amendment right to free speech
as guaranteed to me by Law in the US Bill of Rights.

Students and the community have a right to be anonymous when using the internet. COS, both at the Library
and at the Learning Center, is violating students rights to privacy by monitoring, tracking and recording students
use of the internet at these facilities. This is strictly illegal and unconstitutional and has absolutely NO PLACE
at any educational institution in the state of California. (or anywhere else in this nation for that matter).

The $20 charge per semester for non-student/community members needs to be terminated as well.
This is an unfair, discriminatory, apartheid system against taxpayers who partially fund this institution.
Both for students and non-students alike, the internet needs to be returned to the people and the community where it
belongs- without restrictions, controls and, especially, without illegal surveillance.

Technology should be used to help liberate Mankind, not enslave it. The central core problem with the USA today
is that the country is rapidly devolving into a fascist nazi-style spy and surveillance police state. This is NOT the way forward.
The only way out of the economic, political and social breakdown, collapse and implosion we are witnessing in our
nation today is to create, nurture and build a global green/sustainable world civilization- a Green World Order.
This requires a free and open internet all around. As a global environmentalist, I need to spend my time and energy researching,
writing and networking on the internet, not wasting my time fighting to secure what should be private, anonymous and
unrestricted internet access at this educational institution.

I’ve written an online book that will give COS administrators and others an idea of the scale of the global environmental
threats we are currently facing and the solutions that are required to preserve the well-being of our species and the survival of our civilization.
I need to be able to freely, and without restrictions, pursue this type of online work and research here at COS. The book is

I applaud COS for developing its fine green/sustainable programs and courses over the last few years and for removing the username/
password log-in function at the LRC- these are good, positive developments. However, as stated previously, the Library has gone
in the exact opposite direction. The very act of being barcoded for identity and computer terminal placement i a DE-FACTO
act of police state surveillance. It also sets up the potential for widespread abuse by local, state and federal law enforcement and
intelligence agencies in regards to illegal spying and surveillance of student’s internet activity.

What has happened to the COS Library, and to a degree at the Learning Center regarding the student log-in procedure, is analogous
to what has happened at our airports with the Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA violating our 4th amendment
right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. The TSA has crossed the line with regards to bodily privacy, while
educational institutions such as COS have crossed the line with regards to internet privacy. If they are not changed, such practices need to be reigned in,
corrected, prosecuted and terminated and our civil liberties upheld, restored and protected.

I consider it a strong possibility that educational institutions such as COS are being strongly pressured (if not forced) into adopting
these privacy violating protocols and procedures by outside government agencies. I am well aware of the fact too that local law enforcement
is being federally militarized in many municipalities across the nation. Here is an online article that recently came out entitled, “19 signs
that America is being systematically transformed into a giant surveillance grid,
describing the technologies and agencies responsible for violating our constitutional civil liberties and freedoms.

The central core issue at the heart of this complaint/grievance with regards to privacy violations at the COS Library (and the LRC) concerns the infringement of the US
4th Amendment. The 4th Amendment is our constitutional civil liberties privacy law, just as the 1st Amendment is our freedom of speech law.
Our 4th Amendment rights as students and members of the community are being systematically violated here at COS.
COS needs to immediately terminate its criminal activity in this area and learn to uphold the dignity, privacy and anonymity rights of its students
regarding internet use here at the college.

More succinctly, I demand that COS Cease and Desist from violating my 4th Amendment right to privacy and stop censoring my ability to use the
internet freely, openly and without restrictions. As a student, i have a right to NOT be tracked, recorded, monitored or surveilled in any way
and remain anonymous while using the internet. I call on COS to uphold my right to privacy, respect my 4th Amendment right (protecting me from
unlawful searches and seizures) and to remove all current restrictions that are preventing me from utilizing the wonderful research, outreach and networking
capabilities of the internet.

I’m in this for the long haul. If this complaint/grievance does not change current internet use policy, i will have no other choice that to pursue
other external avenues of redress until my constitutional civil liberties are respected, upheld and restored.

Lastly, confronting such police state developments at COS (and other institutions) is at

the very heart of the battle to Save Our Planet and to secure our future for upcoming
generations. We will win or lose our prospects for survival as a species based on the
outcome of dialectical conflicts such as these throughout our nation and the world in
the immediate months and years ahead.


Steve Jones
Computer Science Major
Global Environmentalist
COS student 2012



***By the way and for the record: Thanks to the internet, i have been able to track many trends, indicators and trajectories over time with regards
to the many human, social and environmental crises (such as global climate change) we are currently experiencing as a species and as a civilization.
To put it bluntly, we are completely OUT OF TIME here at the end of 2012. If our nation and this world don’t make an immediate planetary shift
towards creating and building a green/sustainable world society- a Green World Order- then Mankind will most certainly descend into the black hole of a

global fascist police state, resulting in depopulation/eugenics campaigns and the inevitable destruction and extinction

of the human enterprise here on Earth. Again, thanks to the internet, i’ve been able to reach and warn many governments, international
organizations and institutions about the dire global environmental crisis we are in today as a species. I need to be able to continue
my work and research here at COS if we’re going to have any chance of surviving the 21st century.

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