hi john b wells-                            Aug 27, 2012
pretty good program with alex jones the other nite.
if mr jones wasn’t so anti-environmental and anti-global warming,
you’d have my (and half the country’s) support to END the police state
and the demise of America and our freedoms.
Remember, it takes 2 wings to fly this anti-new world order bird-
right now, you’re flying with the right wing only.
The left wing is all about finesse, manuverability, delicacy and skill.
You can’t fly this thing WITHOUT us.  Remember, we Greens DECIDED the 2000 elections- THIS is our power.
My advice: Reach out to the liberal, left wing community- you have ALOT of potential support there-
perhaps enough to turn the tide on this thing….
To begin with, you BOTH have got to come to grips with the REALITY and EMERGENCY that
Global Climate Change is to the future of our species.  As it is now, its being used as a EUGENICS/Massive culling of the population
program by the internationalists.  My advice, Coast and Infowars, is to interview
the Bill McKibbens (350.org), the paul ehrlichs and the james hansens of the world.
LEARN about and REPORT the severity of this threat to your listeners for a change.
MOST of your listeners would probably agree that Global Warming is humanity’s premiere global
environmental and international security threat.  MOST Americans ARE environmentalist.
Don’t be a Rothschild and go along with with the efforts
to debunk and discredit this threat.  Don’t be a fellow eugencist.
EVOLVE and we can TRANSFORM our world in 2012.  The alternative is DESTRUCTION, which is
nobody’s interest.
Colorado USA
2. The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion:


3. Jonas the Prophet



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