Vaccinations/Immunizations are Soft Kill Biological Warfare Weapons

Regarding your guest piece on vaccines and vaccinations on Aug 16, i have only to say that your guest auther is spouting only lies and disinformation.  Vaccinations today are laced with cancer viruses DESIGNED to make you sick and to give you cancer.
They’re called “soft kill” weapons.  Yes, BIG PHARMA has no intention of healing and curing you of diseases.
They have every intention to make you sick, because one, they make money off you when you are ill, and two, they are engaged in a biological warfare eugenics campaign to depopulate the planet.
So don’t take the shots folks, unless you want to become sick and help spread sickness and disease to your community.
Wake up and learn that corporate America is using you to make profit and to steal your life savings when you contract one of their terminal diseases.
Corporate America is EVIL to the core and is using the good heart felt beliefs of doctors and nurses (who THINK they are doing good by giving vaccinations) to poison and ultimately kill you.
Welcome to the New World Order.

James Traficante
Frisco, Colorado


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