Biometric Identification: The New Mark of the Beast


Biometric Identification is the new personal identification standard for identifying and controlling

human beings in the 21st century.

Instead of using the exponential growth in technology to help liberate mankind, technology, unfortunately,

is being employed to control and enslave the masses of humanity.

Reference is made in Holy Scripture as to the name and number of a Man and a coming

‘mark of the beast’.

Biometric identification, in the form of full body, fingerprint and iris scans, such as we now receive at all major airports

in the world when we travel, is being stored, recorded and put into an international computer database for use to

identify, track and control human beings worldwide.

At all our major airports today, we see harmful radiation body scanners (recording all full body biometric signatures)

and highly invasive (and illegal) pat-downs and gropings of air travelers.  This has been introduced and done for a

reason.  The policies and security protocols are so outrageous that those who have implemented these procedures

(the Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA in the United States) are actually counting on a public backlash to

eventually eliminate these new invasive practices.

Beyond the fact that current airport security protocols are in direct violation of American’s 4th Amendment rights to be

free from illegal government searches and seizures, the plan is to follow up with a biometric ID card ALTERNATIVE

similar to a National ID Card. This is to be introduced at the airports first as a sort of approved frequent flier card which most

travelers will eagerly embrace as a reason to evade the highly invasive security procedures that now exist.

All of this is a very clever way to get the public to willingly embrace and ultimately accept a National ID Card biometric

identification system.

The plan is to have every single human being in the world biometrically identified and put into a massive global

computer database.  National ID type cards will be issued first, such as we now see in Iraq, India and China.

The next phase will be to place a biometrically linked invisible laser tattoo number or barcode on everyone’s right

hand or forehead (see Revelations 13), without which, no-one will be able to buy or sell, nor engage in global


Biometric identification therefore, is the new “mark of the beast”, designed to enslave, control, monitor and render

every single human being on the planet subservient to Lucifer, the current “god” of this world.

To all those with ears to hear, DO NOT SUBMIT to illegal radiation scanners or full-body pat-downs at our airports,

nor accept the pre-planned biometric ID card alternative they will offer as a way to skirt invasive security

protocols.  Their objective is to completely control, track and enslave you.  To be free from their web of control, deceit

and subservience is now the defining aspect of what it means to be truly separated from a world that has been

completely given over to evil.




Jonas the Prophet

Messenger of the Covenant

Planet Earth


DHS/TSA  Watch:



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