***EXTREME HIGH PRIORITY***July 31, 2012Hi US State Dept.I Cannot find a DIRECT e-mail link to the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  You NEED to install a simple link for citizen comments on your website and NOT limit the amount of characters or words in your description section.  Here are my comments to Hillary Clinton:GET the HELL out of Syria (and Iran)!You’re crossing the line and are about to initiate world war 3.This is NOT the way forward.  Nuclear War is in nobody’s interest.Iran has the RIGHT to defend herself against the International Jewish/Zionist Terrorist network- the US/UK and Israel.Peace in the region (and in the world) requires mutual trust and cooperation amongst contending parties.  Achieved, then disarmrment negotiations can begin.  Here is the ONLY solution to peace in the middle east: http://jonastheprophet.tk No to WAR, NO to a DHS/TSA fascist nazi police state in America.You must LEARN to BUILD a Global Green World Order for the Human species- it is the ONLY way forward.  Here is your blueprint:SAVING THE PLANET:http://pulsar774.tripod.com  Failure will lead to what i can only call the IRON FIST:http://antarctica777.tripod.com  2012 is the year where the future of humanity will be decided and “locked in”.  DO NOT cross the line to eugenics/depopulation/planetary suicide.Another world is possible, hillary.  Take a stand for LIFE and for the future of the Earth.  Do NOT fear what the JEWS can do to you physical body, FEAR HIM who can destroy BOTH body and SOUL in Hell, sweetheart.Selah.


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