By Susane Posel
July 17, 2012

Russian Foreign Minister, told the United Nations (UN) that Russia will not support the European Union’s proposal to impose sanctions on Syria to resolve the violent crisis in the region.

After the murder of the Syrian defense minister and Assad’s brother-in-law during a bombing attack, Lavrov commented that the US government is Lavrov pointed out that the US government is vehemently pushing for a military strike against Syria and arming the oppositional groups to facilitate that end.

He remarked to Kofi Annan, UN and Arab League special envoy, that disruption of Syrian economy is “not the key” to making peace.

Russia acknowledges that the US government is threatening a sort of “blackmail” prior to the vote of the UN Security Council on extending the UN observes presence in Syria.

The US government is supporting the British proposal with an attached ultimatum against Assad to withdraw his military forces combating Syrian governmental opposition or face military against from the international community.

Lavrov stated: “To our great regret, there are elements of blackmail. We are being told: if you do not agree to the resolution under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, then we shall refuse to extend the mandate of the monitoring mission in this country.

We consider it an absolutely counterproductive and dangerous approach since it is unacceptable to use observers as bargaining chips.”

The Syrian opposition claims that recent violence in the Tremseh farming community is a massacre. Lavrov doubts their assessment and points out that the Syrian oppositional force has been parading through Syria with military grade weaponry supplied by the US government and causing violent outbursts that they then blame on Assad’s governmental forces.

Lavrov, commenting on the US government’s direct involvement in creating the violent crisis in Syria, said: “Any violence deserves condemnation. But condemnation alone will not suffice. Pressure should be put on the regime and on the opposition in order to end the violence there.”

Annan will be speaking to Russian President Valdimir Putin while UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is planning on talks with China in an attempt to coerce their support of the plans for a UN/US/Israeli military strike against Syria to ensure that Assad step down and his governmental forces are disbanded.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, spoke at the Friends of the Syrian People (FSP) Ministerial meeting in Paris, France earlier this month. Clinton admitted that FSP is a “very useful device to build pressure against the Syrian regime”.


Clinton said that the Obama administration is “focused on determining what we can do to try to hasten the end of this regime.”

Bassma Kodmani, spokesperson for the Syrian National Council and globalist front woman, demands that the UN “discuss how to move on to a different political system” in Syria.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), of which Clinton is a member, is pulling the strings on the forced regime change behind the proverbial curtain.

Their Arab Reform Initiative and US/Middle East Project (USMEP) is the global Elite’s blueprint for gaining control over Syria by utilizing a fake revolution with the Free Syrian Army and other oppositional forces.

The USMEP was established in 1994 and revised in 2006 as an “independent policy institute” that influences policymakers in following the global Elite’s plan for redevelopment of Middle Eastern region.

This plot can be tied to the Zionist movement in Israel that has named several Arab nations are enemies of Israel that need to be taken down.

Since 2004, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a pro-Zionist institution, has been providing the funding for the armament of Syrian oppositional forces and creating an army of “democracy seeking activists”. The Israeli government has been quite vocal in their support of the removal of Assad by any means necessary.

Shimon Peres, Israeli President, remarked that “Bashar al-Assad must go. The sooner he will leave, the better it will be for his people.”

Coming to the aid of Israel’s plot to attack Syria are the House of Saud, the Obama administration and the Turkey-French partnership have been backing up the opposition in Syria. While the UN proposes sanctions in cahoots with the European Union, the gathering of military might is blooming behind the scenes in preparation for the beginnings of WW III.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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