Domestic War Zone: “Like Tribal Warfare in Iraq” ; Cops Outnumbered 500-to-1

Mac Slavo
SHTF Plan [1]
Friday, July 13, 2012

Cities across America are going bankrupt [2] every week – some may even cease to exist altogether. The lights are being turned out [3] in what were once booming metropolitan areas. Law enforcement and emergency response personnel are either being terminated or their wages cut to the federal minimum. Crime is rampant on our city streets, on Wall Street, and in the halls of our most hallowed institutions.

For those who just stepped away from reality TV into reality, heads up, your country and the world as you know it is collapsing right before your eyes.

In Chicago, Illinois police report that almost all of the violence in the city is originating from gangs and what’s been dubbed “tribal warfare” akin to the violence experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Former Obama Chief of Staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now having to plead with criminals to take mercy on the citizenry. The Chicago police department, undermanned and outgunned, is doing what it can, but the odds are stacked heavily against them with some 100,000 gang members roaming the streets and only about 200 officers in the city’s gang unit – a ratio of 500 to 1.

At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year and many more have been shot, many of them innocent bystanders to the gang violence. Among the latest victims were 12- and 13-year-old girls shot Tuesday night. They survived.

Sgt. Matt Little leads one of the teams in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit. There are about 200 such officers in the city– versus 100,000 gang members.

“Almost all the violence we’re seeing now is from the gangs,” Little said. “When there’s a shooting we’ll respond to the shooting. We’ll figure out where we believe the most likely area for retaliation is and we’ll work that area trying to both prevent retaliation and possibly build a case on offenders.”

“The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain of command, there’s really nobody keeping things in check,” Little said. The leaders are mostly in prison — or dead. Those left are young, reckless, and often terrible shots.

“Instead of a bullet with somebody’s name on it, we have a bullet that reads ‘To whom it may concern,’” Little said. The result is a spate of shootings that have killed or wounded young children, even toddlers.

Sgt. Little is a decorated veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that parts of Chicago are comparable to what he saw in combat.

It’s “tribal warfare,” he said, “and it continues to build unless we manage to interdict it, and manage to stop it long enough for the blood to stop boiling, the heat to die down.”

(source [4])

Video report by CBS:

The dominoes are now toppling one after the other.

The government is either powerless or, in the case of Chicago where self defense has been effectively banned [5], altogether incompetent.

The fact that nothing is being done to stop criminal activity against America’s innocent anywhere in the United States while billions of dollars have been spent on militarizing police forces and cross-training the military for domestic deployment [6] suggests that the long-term plan is to simply lock everything down [7] all at once.

You want to know why the military recently rolled tanks onto the street of St. Louis [8]?

It’s because when the local police are outnumbered 500-to-1 and the mayor of the city is negotiating for peace, the people become so desperate for relief that they’ll willingly give up their freedom for security.

From where we’re standing it looks as if the system is being collapsed from within and on purpose.

As more cities cut services and hundreds of thousands continue to lose their jobs, the situation across the entire nation will become untenable. Social safety nets will fall apart and crime will become more violent and random as a new paradigm takes hold [9]. Local law enforcement will be unable to control it using traditional policing.

The people will not only accept assistance from the federal government in the form of tanks and soldiers on the streets of their neighborhoods – they’ll demand it. Lucky for them  – all of the executive orders for declaring a state of emergency are already in place [10] and ready for implementation.

Hattip Red Leader

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