THE END OF AMERICA                                         July 12, 2012
The END of the American Empire draweth nigh.
All the police state checkpoints and invasive surveillance cameras in America are to control YOU,
the American people, when your economy implodes, for your economic collapse comes quickly….
if you but knew it.
America is now slated to be completely smashed, dismantled and done away with as a nation.
This will be the end of the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, the US presidency, the US Congress, the US
Supreme Court, all social welfare, the IRS, The FBI, among other far flung state and federal
state bureaucracies.  ALL American flags will be BURNED.
ATM’s and banks will cease to dispense cash since the American currency will soon become
just worthless paper.  There wil be no more cheap gas to fill your gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s with.
All the police state checkpoints and surveillance cameras being set up across the nation are not
to fight “Al-Qaeda”, its to control, monitor and enslave YOU, the American people.
Your million dollar condos and your golf games are coming to a complete and utter end.
All private property will be done away with.  The law of the jungle will soon supercede all established law.
Either the unlawful TSA at our airports will be removed by the people who stand up for their rights,
or this agency will continue to destroy your inalienable freedoms and liberties.
The nation that is America will be no more.  You will all be indoctrinated into a fascist, corporate, communist, nazi style
police state which you will willingly run to and embrace once the breakdown and collapse of your
society begins.
Americans, you have till the end of 2012 to repent of your rich, arrogant, decadent, ungodly SINS.   Failure to
change your ways and begin to live more sustainable, green lifestyles (as you are sure to fail) will lead
to the swift collapse and judgement of your evil, wicked and perverted nation.
Once America falls, the coming New World Order will “lock” itself in to its utter and inevitable self-destruction as well.
2012 is the year of transformation or annihilation for the human species. 
This civilization will BUILD a survivable and sustainable Global Green World Order or desend into a Global Fascist
Nazi Police State Hell.  This is the Great Shift of 2012.  Its either Evolution or Extinction.

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