Its NOT just Israel that is a threat to world peace-

it is the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Empire (headquartered in the CITY of London, UK) that is at the heart of all threats to world peace. The empire is, in fact, the pinnacle source of all evil on Earth today.

The International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel sponsors wars of aggression worldwide (through the US military, primarily)- which they own, with the intent to control the global geopolitical chessboard and to advance a pro-death global eugenics agenda to exterminate the “goyim” (non-jew)
into oblivion.

The recent “failure” of the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil at the end of June 2012, reveals that the International Rothschild Empire has NO interest in a global carbon emissions treaty or an international sustainable development agreement, since BOTH of these arrangements would threaten their pro-death depopulation eugenics policies to bring down world population numbers to “manageable’ levels.

The agenda is DEATH and DESTRUCTION for the international jew, plain and simple. The little terrorist/bastard nation of Israel is sure to play a pivotal scriptural role in the end time unveiling of the BEAST system taking the reigns of planned world JEW government power, ruled over by a coming “christ” figure (the anti-christ).

If Israel and the international jew represent DEATH, then all who oppose their world must, by default, stand for LIFE.

Let us therefore ALL stand with the force of LIFE, or the light side of the “force”… for this is a WAR for the future of all Life on Earth.

-Jedi Command




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