Governor Hickenlooper
US State of Colorado

June 26, 2012

You need to STOP harassing, intimidating and criminalizing the homeless,
This state is ALREADY in ALOT of trouble.

Governor, this nation and this world are on the very brink of complete and utter destruction.
The military-industrial-intelligence-security complex in the state of Colorado needs to be
IMMEDIATELY decommissioned, defunded and terminated as a viable institution.
You need to GUT the Dept of Homeland Security and its little illegal bastard spawn, the TSA,
and radically redirect the states priorities, funding and infrastructure towards building
a green, sustainable and survivable society for the 21st century.

This states needs to take the BILLIONS of dollars that are going into creating a fascist,
nazi, spy and surveillance, military police state, and instead begin to seriously fund the
global green revolution here in the state of Colorado.

The threats of global climate change, the global water crisis, the extinction of our precious forests,
and the world population explosion
are ALL affecting the state in very drastic ways, a fact I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.

Colorado’s military and prison industrial complex needs to be SHUT-DOWN and retrofitted
into PV solar panel, wind turbine, electric car and anti-gravity/zero point energy production facilities.

This state, this nation and this world are in the throws of absolute planetary ECOCIDE, thanks to
a backward and completely ‘out of control’ world civilization- of which America and the state of Colorado
are a central part of, unfortunately.  If the human species is going to survive, human beings need to EVOLVE
and learn to BUILD a Global Green World Order, otherwise we shall all surely perish.

Here is the blueprint for SAVING OUR PLANET:

Failure means the human enterprise will be given the IRON FIST.

The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion:

At ALL costs, DO NOT cross the line into planetary suicide.  2012 is the very year where the future of all
life on Earth- either its transformation or its annihilation- will be decided and “locked-in”.  This state and this nation are one small step
away from plunging our world into Global Economic Collapse, World War 3 and International Martial Law.  This is NOT
the way forward.

Bring down ALL the state’s ILLEGAL spy and surveillance cameras, work to criminalize the gas-guzzling SUV culture and
axe the military/police state checkpoints and prisons.  Lets turn this nation and this world around.  Change begins
at home.  Transformation can begin in the state of Colorado if the will to survive and to properly prosper gains ascendency.

Remember,  this is NOT a game.  The future of ALL life on Earth is NOW in the balance.  The global environmental
crisis REQUIRES swift, bold, decisive and immediate environmental vision and action from this state, NOT a descent into a right wing, nazi, spy and surveillance,
prison/police state hell.

The state of Colorado can be the KEY to this world’s salvation, or it can be the KEY to its eternal damnation.

We’re on the razor’s edge right NOW…..


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Breckenridge, Colorado

1.  Read Thomas Friedman’s book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How It Can Renew America”:

2. See the online movie: THRIVE:  (2hrs long)

3. Invite the GREEN FESTIVAL back to the state of Colorado.  I work with them. lets make it an annual event.

4. Lastly, here is the spiritual/religious work i do to back up my authority and knowledge of the current human predicament on Earth at this time:    This is the very FOUNDATION STONE for World Peace.


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