June 19th, 2012


Summit County, Colorado USA:


Congradulations! Summit County and/or the US Forest Service and/or the Town of Frisco and Breckenridge and all the profit hungry tree-cutting companies:
You’ve DESTROYED another beautiful recreational area, specifically the Peaks Bike Trail/path that RAN (note the past tense) from Breckenridge to Frisco.

GONE are all the beautiful flower beds and lush untouched green vegetation.  Instead we have an INSANE amount of cut down trees 10-50ft from the bike
path (on either side) and the ENTIRE trail littered (for 10 miles!) with thousands of cut logs, little red flags and painted markings.  I can’t think of a better
way to DESTROY one of the most beautiful bike paths in Colorado!!!

The Idiots who committed this act of maniacal INSANITY need to be arrested and forcibly throw in JAIL for destroying the local environment
and for desecrating one of our most beautiful recreational bike paths!

Tree-cutting is completely OUT OF CONTROL in this god-forsaken, backwards county.  People go the wilderness to ESCAPE the mindless, city oriented,
ecologically destructive society around us.  Instead, we get bureaucratcs with chain saws destroying the sanctity and beauty of our precious, soul-strengthening
wilderness and recreational areas.  This system is like a devouring cancer, killing everything and everybody in its path!

Truly, there is coming a day when those who are found guilty of destroying pristine wilderness recreational areas are bound and gagged and taken out and HUNG BY THE NECK till dead in our city squares for all to witness (like in the older days when true justice reigned).   For if these people are NOT held accountable for their CRIMES in this world,
then I will make sure they are held accountable and PUNISHED in Hell in the world to come.

I remain,

William Peachtree
Frisco/Breckenridge, Colorado


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