Tuesday- June 12th, 2012- Letter to the Summit Daily Newspaper
Regarding Summit County’s recently stated and most vicious attack on the homeless, for the record, it is NOT a crime to live and camp out in the wilderness-
it never has been and it never will be.
Imposed fines and/or jail time for those simply enjoying the beauty and grandeur of nature and the natural environment (and many times working locally and contributing to the local economy), only reveals these bureaucrats for the fascist police state tyrants that they are.
On behalf of all homeless in Summit County and throughout the state of Colorado, we stand in Christ and in the power of the Living GOD against your evil intentions and persecutions, for we know your hearts are bent on darkness and are desperately wicked.  It is NOT a crime, nor will it ever be “illegal”, to live anywhere and in any way on this beautiful planet.   Period, end of discussion.
It IS illegal and a crime to drive a gas-guzzling SUV, for you are nothing but eco-terrorists and are directly responsible for killing our precious pine forests here in Summit County.  It IS illegal to participate in your annual BBQ festival in Frisco.  To stuff your face with pig flesh while 25 million children perish every year from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition is a crime against humanity.  It IS illegal and a crime to set up and operate a communist style police state checkpoint at the Dillon Dam.  It IS illegal and a crime to clearcut whole tracts of forestland with the intent to profit from the dead trees that your environmentally destructive lifestyles created.  The generational scar this county inflicted on the Frisco recreational area of the Peninsula last year is a perfect example
of the blatant disregard for the health and well-being of the area’s ecology and beauty- not to mention the people’s recreational interests.  It IS illegal and a crime to dump the toxic waste known as “fluoride” in the public drinking water supply.  The cancers and health related costs from this criminal act alone by our local bureaucrats, is nothing less than than a deliberate act of murder against the local populace.  It IS illegal and a supreme crime to fly an American flag in support of the US military’s wars of aggression against innocent, defenseless peoples throughout the world.  For the USA is the number one terrorist nation on Earth, responsible for acts of genocide that only GOD himself can witness and who will eventually punish them for.  It IS a crime to spy and surveil people with illegal surveillance cameras in our buses, supermarkets, banks, street intersections and local businesses.  Civilized societies do NOT violate the privacy and dignity of their citizens in this way.  When the tables turn (and they WILL turn) there will be fines and jail time for all those who engage in these sorts of insidious mafia style surveillance crimes.
Summit County, like most segments of this society (with a few exceptions), is backwards, inverted and completely anti-christ.  This county is evil, illegal and criminal to the core.  Those of us who are free, separate ourselves from their evil.
Thus said, America’s days are truely numbered.  The insanity must needs be come to an end.  For a house divided and build on sand cannot and will not stand.
So shall this god-forsaken nation be judged and brought down.
In Christ,
Derrick Janson
Summit County
{no address and no phone— and proud of it!}

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