May 24th, 2012

To: Nobel Peace Prize Committee
Oslo, Norway


This is an URGENT appeal.

The SIGN must be proclaimed and instituted in world affairs THIS year (2012).
The TRANSFORMATION or ANNIHILATION of this civilization and the future fate of this planet are NOW in the balance.

The Jewish Rothschild Empire, headquartered in the CITY on London, UK, have plans (and are now carrying them out) to exterminate BILLIONS of people with global depopulation/eugenics policies as well as continue down the path of planetary ecocide- both of which are unacceptable.

World War 3 and global thermonuclear holocaust can be prevented if a genuine long lasting peace is established in the Middle East.

The SIGN can trump the Jewish Rothschild Empire’s plans for World War and Global eugenics genocide. It is the one thing that can SAVE this PLANET and its civilization from near certain destruction.

Therefore, 2012 is the critical year of decision.  If the line of World War 3 is crossed, there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East nor in our world.

The ministry of Jonah proclaims that if a nation and a people (and a world) REPENTS of their SINS, they will be given a reprieve and shown mercy from the punishment and judgement of a holy and a righteous God.

Now is the PRECISE time to dismantle the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex and shift rapidly into a global green, sustainable, survivable and advanced new world order for mankind.


Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
Buena Vista, Colorado

2. The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion:


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