May 21, 2012

Letter to the Editors:

Its time to permanently put an end to the right wing US fascist military police state here in America.

The US Dept of Homeland Security, the East German Stasi type fusion centers, the illegal spy and surveillance cameras, the nazi style checkpoints (such as exist at the dillon dam up in summit county), the sprawling number of prisons, the TSA nazi goon squads at our airports, the black clad and armed jack booted thugs at our peaceful protests, the illegal NSA electronic spying surveillance grids, the fleets of domestic surveillance drones and, in fact, the entire US military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, needs to be completely and unequivocally CRUSHED out of existence in America and throughout the world.

War is obsolete. The nuclear bomb has made absolutely sure of that. These dreadful weapons can NEVER be used.  The business of locking up people in jails is barbarian and belongs in the dust bin of human history.  The illegal spying and surveillance of citizens by private corporate and/or local, state and federal authorities is EVIL and a supreme violation of personal privacy and human dignity.

Learning, funding and practicing ways to kill, incarcerate, surveil and control people is regressive and devolutionary.  The way forward for America (and the world) is to BUILD a peaceful, sustainable, life enhancing, global green based society and civilization on Earth.

Therefore, let us SHUT DOWN the prison industrial complex and retrofit these facilities to create, manufacture and distribute wind power systems, electric cars and solar photovoltaic panels.  Let us cut ALL funding to the US military and the US Dept of Homeland Security and create instead am Environmental/Ecological/Green Security and Sustainability Complex that serves the ways of life and not death.  Instead on installing illegal surveillance cameras and listening devices on our buses, recreation centers, banks and on top of our street corners to deviously spy on citizens, lets harness the power of the global information revolution to educate and bring forth solutions to the numerous global environmental crises that are threatening our lives and our future generations with hardship and a rapidly deteriorating quality of life.

We need a living Green World Order, not a dying Black World Order.  In our hands lies the ability to create a thriving, highly advanced, free, sustainable, healthy, green, clean and beautiful world devoid of the useless, needless suffering, death and destruction that is all around us today.  Surely, there is absolutely no need for any level of human pain, misery or deprivation to exist on this planet.

Trillions of US dollars are now being completely wasted to recruit, train and deploy hoardes of nazi police state agents to protect the homeland from illusionary “terrorists”.  This is a classic fascist police state operation, designed NOT to protect the citizenry, but to persecute, enslave and ultimately destroy it.

Currently, there are plans to turn America into a full fledged nationwide prison/police state.  The state of Colorado is, itself, infested with prisons and an out of control “criminal” justice system.  NORAD, NorthCom, CIA headquarters and NSA uplink centers in Denver, the Fort Carson military base and the Colorado Springs Air Force and US Space Command Military Corridor ALL need to be SHUT DOWN and decommissioned immediately.  The underground alternate military presidential command base underneath the Denver International Airport should NOT EVEN EXIST.

Clearly, its time to TERMINATE the extreme right wing military fascist police state complex that has metastisized  its disease here in our beautiful mountain state of Colorado and throughout the country.  Instead, we must shift rapidly into a green, sustainable, survivable, compassionate and livable world order for the 21st century.  There is very little time left.  2012 is the year where the future fate of civilization will either prosper or perish.

Let us, therefore, choose the path of life and not death, so that we and our descendents may live.




Sean Verve,

Denver Colorado


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