10 May 2012


The US Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) and its little domestic “nazi” police force (the TSA), is a metastisizing cancer upon the body politic of America.  This institution, created after the fear, paranoia and manufactured hysteria of 9/11, needs to be immediately defunded, decommissioned and politically destroyed as a viable US government agency.

DHS/TSA is funded, directed and run by the International Fascist Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel headquartered in the CITY of London, UK.  With an annual budget of roughly $100 billion US dollars, this institution willfully and maliciously violates the 4th Amendment privacy and dignity rights of the American people at our airports.

The US Federal Reserve is owned lock, stock and barrel by these International Jewish Rothschild terrorists, in turn, making it possible to fund domestic police state priorities and infrastructure all throughout the USA.

During the 1st decade of 2000-2010, the United States has literally exploded into a full-fledged fascist nazi police state complete with illegal spy and surveillance cameras in our supermarkets, bus stations, recreation centers, public libraries, banks and on top of our street intersections.

We now see illegal police state spying and surveillance of our physical movements and conversations nationwide (example- The Summit County public bus lines in the US state of Colorado routinely and illegally spies on riders with surveillance cameras and records their conversations with illegal recording devices).

As well, there is now full-blown government eavesdropping and surveillance of nearly all of our personal electronic communications.  Phone conversations are recorded in massive NSA databases while GPS can track and locate any cell phone user with precision in real time.  All internet browsing activity and e-mail is illegally recorded, stored, surveilled and intercepted by giant telecommunications industries in collusion with transnational intelligence agencies worldwide.

Under the guise of protecting the homeland from so-called, “terrorists”, the US Dept of Homeland Security uses this electronic control grid to carry out its domestic fascist nazi military police state operations against the American people.

The illegal practices carried out by the TSA at our airports only continues because the American people will not forcibly stand up for their constitutional civil liberties.  There is a reason the 2nd Amendment exists.

The International Fascist Jewish Rothschild Terrorist Network, now in full control of the military, police and intelligence agencies in the UK, US and Israel, are sworn enemies of all freedom loving peoples worldwide.  The ultimate objective of this new global 4th Reich is to not only control and enslave, but to kill billions of the world’s inhabitants with full spectrum global eugenics campaigns designed to depopulate the world’s masses.  In the USA, that translates into purposely poisoned food, air and water (GMO food, fluoridated water and chem trail air), forced innoculations (designed to “slow kill”, give one cancer and an early death) and purposely inflicted radiation releases, among other means.

Massive doses of nuclear radiation, such as what we are witnessing at Fukushima Japan, will not only end up killing hundreds of millions (if not billions) of innocent people worldwide with cancer, it is probably the greatest human sterilant in existence and may even threaten and terminate the evolutionary genetic continuity of the human species.

The US Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA, funded, directed and run by International Fascist Rothschild Jewry, uses the American military and its national security apparatus as a “proxy” force to fight their global wars for them.

Contrary to public indoctrination, 9/11 was not only an inside job, it was an international jewish terrorist operation designed to strip American’s of their freedoms and liberties, turn America into a fascist nazi police state (the USA Patriot Act, the usurpation of habeas corpus and recent NDAA are all illegal) and, in general, demonize and scapegoat muslims and global islam worldwide- the supreme international enemies of the International jewish banking cartel.

The DHS and their domestic nazi TSA goon squads are a key part of their plans to subjugate and enslave the American people and the freedoms that once made this nation great.  Already, at our airports and within the US Postal system, there are numerous reports of both theft of personal property and illegal interception, delay and confiscation of US mail.  DHS/TSA has already become a lawless, criminal, terrorist institution.  Unfortunately, an over-obsession with security and the usurpation of our constitutional civil liberties has now become an acceptable policy.

THEREFORE, in the interests of global survival, species continuity and the upholdment of all that is good, righteous, holy and true, its time to TERMINATE the US Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA in our nation.  Let us arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the principle founders and operators of this fascist nazi police state institution- for it has NO PLACE in a free, democratic and enlightened government of, by and for the people.


CJ Simmons

Federal Blvd

Denver, Colorado

United States of America








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