May 1st, 2012

America, a once free, proud and thriving country, has quietly and rapidly descended into a fascist nazi style police state.  The USA has the highest per capita incarceration rate of any nation on Earth.  We have twice as many people locked up in prisons as China, which has a billion and a half people.  We have a military-industrial-complex that spends TRILLIONS of US dollars on weapons, killing, war, death and destruction.

One hundred BILLION US dollars are spent on so-called, “homeland security”, whose TSA goons illegally violate our 4th amendment rights to personal privacy and dignity at our airports.  This country forces fluoridated water and GMO (genetically modified) food down the throats of its citizens, turning the USA into a nation with one of the highest cancer and sterility rates in the world.

We have nearly 50% of our people (roughly 150 million) living at or below the official poverty line, while the rest of American suburbia drives around in gas-guzzling trucks and SUV’s, threatening future generations of the world’s yet born with catastrophic climatic conditions that threaten the very foundations of life as we know it on this planet.  Instead of harnessing its scientific, technological and ideological talent and genius to help build a thriving, sustainable and survivable world civilization, this nation has squandered its capital on illegal spy and surveillance cameras, domestic police state intelligence centers, homeland security “nazi” TSA goon squads, multibillion dollar cyber security centers, fleets of domestic surveillance drones, armies of brainwashed local, state and federal bureaucrats and right wing jack booted military police state thugs assaulting and criminalizing our freedoms, rights and constitutional civil liberties.

Backwards and highly dysfunctional can hardly begin to characterize the twisted priorities of this god-forsaken nation.  At the very heart of this abomination known as America, though, sits the international fascist jewish rothschild banking cartel, who not only owns and operates the US federal reserve, but rules the nation by executive, legislative and judicial decree, in effect, paying off and installing their puppets into positions of power and authority all throughout the country.  Whatever existed in the form of any representational democracy in America is now long dead, if it ever really existed at all.

As the world literally spins out of control in the years and decades ahead, let us never forget the golden opportunity America had to develop the vision, intelligence, infrastructure and incentive to build an advanced global environmentally green based world order for the human species.  Instead, this ‘light unto the nations’ devolved into a fearful, paranoid, security obsessed, debased and debauched fascist nazi police state, completely antithetical to its central constitutional core values.

It is the jewish rothschild empire who is at the source of all real evil on this planet.  This synagogue of satan, headquartered in the CITY of London, UK, is primarily responsible for America’s descent into hell and for turning our cherished freedoms and liberties into chains of slavery and submission.  If the rothschild jew had invested in spiritual rather than material wealth and power (not one ounce of gold shall he be able to take with him in the world beyond his death), the foundation for world peace would have been set, and instead of operating out of fear, persecution, theft, murder, deceit and deception, we would be operating in a world of cooperation, compassion, love and mutual respect amongst the peoples and nations of the world. 

It is the Jews at the very top of the world’s political and economic pyramid who need to come to grips with the fact that it is in their best interest to serve the ways of life and not death.  Police states, prisons, domestic spy and surveillance operations, billions of people living in squalor, misery and poverty, eugenics policies and bloated national militaries have absolutely NO PLACE in an advanced, intelligent and survivable world civilization. 

A world ‘out of balance’ must get its own house in order first before it can reach for the stars…


Christi M Paine

Salida Colorado

THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take->


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