Hi Anna Eshoo-

Need help.

We need MAJOR computer internet upgrades at our local
public libraries.  The Santa Cruz Public Library system internet access is pathetic.  We need FAST, high tech computers with FREE printing, ‘sign in only’ access and unlimited time to do the work “we the people” need to do in the world.

As it is now, 1 hour is the time limit, there is no USB port/multimedia access and antiquated software is running the system (no cut and paste etc…).  The entire public library system here is a JOKE!

Here we are right next to where the internet was created (silicon valley) and we have internet access that is on par with the THIRD WORLD!  This needs to CHANGE immediately.

Lets do something to UPLIFT and TRANSFORM the community for a change.


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Felton, California




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